Funds require to manage day to day operations of your business???......funds require to expand your business?? … requirement is a most important factor for any business to run is a Rupeeboss to understand your needs deeply,and make funds available for you to your doorstep.

Business loan fulfills any kind of business needs. It is a type of short term unsecured loan for 3 to 5 year of repayment period. Business loan can be easily sanction in minimum 7 working days.

  • Proof of Identity / address proof.(business as well as All directors)
  • Memorandum of association & article of association ,certificate of commencement of business
  • Bank statements (business as well as Director)
  • Require Income tax return file (ITR) along with Computation of income ,B/S&P/L accounts for last 3 year. It should be audited and certified by CA
  • Proof of continuation: Trade license /Establishment /Sales Tax certificate