noun: elite; plural noun: elites

a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.

Synonyms: best, pick, cream, flower, nonpareil, elect;


About Us

As an organization, we firmly believe that our customers are the driving force behind our success, which is why we Welcome you, our esteemed customer to be a part of an exclusive circle, the Landmark Elite Programme

Welcome to the World of Landmark Elite Programme - an exclusive world of richer experiences curated to enhance your service experience.

We are hopeful that with this initiative, everything you have come to appreciate about Landmark Group, will be raised to new heights of increasingly remarkable experiences.

As an Elite Customer, you would benefit from a range of extended services that we believe reinforces our commitment in making your experience with us a lot more rewarding.


Elite Services


Registration Certificate (RC) Extract

In case of loss / theft of RC due to major motor accident, get assistance for obtaining the RC extract, for lodging the claim request, by depositing certain fee


Duplicate Registration Certificate

In case of loss / theft of RC due to non-accidental reasons, get assistance for obtaining the vehicle's duplicate registration certificate from RTO, by depositing certain fee


Termination of Hypothecation

In case your vehicle loan has been paid in full, the financier issues NoC (No Objection Certificate), Form 35. Get assistance in submission of duly filled form, along with other relevant documents to your local Transport Authority, by depositing certain fee.


Correction in Registration

Get assistance for making any correction in vehicle / engine / chassis number or name correction / address correction etc. at your local Transport Authority, by depositing certain fee.


Ownership Transfer

Get assistance for the transfer of ownership, in case of sale / purchase of the vehicle, death of the owner or multiple ownership, at your local Transport Authority, by depositing certain fee.


Fresh Learner's / Permanent Driving Licence

Get assistance for obtaining Learner's / Permanent Driving licence, including Online test at local RTO and driving test, by depositing a nominal fee. Please note: Permanent Driving Licence can only be issued after minimum 01 month of Learner's Licence issuance


Transfer of Insurance Policy for NCB benefit

In case of no claim made in the year of the vehicle being sold, get assistance in transferring benefit of No Claims Bonus at the time of new vehicle purchase. This can be availed within 3 months of sale of old vehicle.


Drivers DL Verification From RTO

Get assistance in verifying the driving license’s (DL) authentication of personal car driver, e.g. expiry of license, category of license and more


Pollution under Control Certificate (PUC)

Get assistance in obtaining a Pollution under Control (PUC) Certificate from the convenience of your home, by paying the certificate fee only. As per MV Act, the pollution check is to be made every 06 months.


Vehicle Pick or Drop for Servicing

In the event of car Servicing, in a year 2 times with allocated car driver the Pickup or drop facility can be provided

What's More - Elite Assistance for...

Claims Assistance for Cars not Insured through Us

Health Insurance Claims

Analysis of Current Health Insurance

Maturity proceeds / Nominee Change w.r.t Life Insurance policy

Complimentary Credit Report for any 2 in the Family

Complimentary Loan Audit for Interest Rate Benefit

Beyond Life Financial Services - 25% Discount on Fees 1yr subscription, 40% on Life Time services

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