How RupeeBoss leveraging AI To Solve Their Customers Hassles

In 21st century, Google and blogs are the most reliable sources for the people to seek information. From Italian food recipe to University fee, Google provides all the answers to you. But, there is a big question which is arguable, what if the information provided by blogs are not appropriate or the result of the question is wrong? You know, Google cannot respond to  questions, where answers rely on several variables. For such queries, a person needs assistance  

For the assistance there are many professionals in all the fields. Bringing financial sector to light, it is one of the section where people have to grapple a lot. Just to end the inconvenience  of the customers, RupeeBoss is launching an AI BOT “The Loan Genie” a video calling bot, who will guide you regarding all the loan products and its application process. You can even apply for your desired loan on the video call itself and make the process effortless. The video bot will provide you the best deals for your desired loan.  With the assistance of Loan Genie you can easily apply for a loan from your device itself

So, whenever you need any assistance or want to apply for a loan,  all you need to do is make a video call to the artificial intelligence expert. While interacting with you, the loan genie behaves like a professional and gives precise and exact answers to all your questions. In the future, artificial intelligence experts will be the vital maven in providing professional services. Bots will not just do searches, but they will provide you precise informations too. An AI bot will be extremely sharp to understand the language and surroundings of people.

 Loan Genie is sponsored by one of the leading banks of India. It will be accessible on an artificial intelligence based brand engagement platform of the leading Infocomm organization in India. Be ready to witness the extraordinary change in the financial sector.