The Family that Stays together, Learns together, always GROW together

A healthy environment in the workplace is good for the organization as it keeps all the employees positive. Each and every individual will adore the organization if they know that their needs and requirements are looked after. Employees are the major strength of every company, and taking initiative for employees well being can boost good teamwork.

We at RupeeBoss stay together like a strong family. We have built this big family of RupeeBoss on the basis of respect, similar goals, and transparency. We as an organization try our best to provide more than a paycheck to the employees. At RupeeBoss, our motive is that every individual gets nurtured and they are attached to the organization. Our management believes that unity and equality should be there in the organization. That’s why apart from working together, the family of RupeeBoss even celebrates together. From festivals to events we celebrate everything together in a massive manner.

Recently, we conducted the annual meet of 2018, where we witnessed the strength of our family. The event was organized to give rewards to the dedicated members of the company. Secondly, we enjoyed the event with dance, music, and games.

Here are some pictures from the RB 2.0 annual meet 2018.

At, we are committed to ensuring the best experience in terms of customer service and satisfaction with our selfless attitude and humble approach.