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Major benefits & Key features of Business Loan

Instant business loans offered through our platform opens new possibilities for both professionals and small businesses. Among self-employed professionals, we also offer exclusive loans for doctors at competitive interest rates.

The instant business loans offered by us help secure a loan much faster than the usual business loan to help you meet any business exigencies.

The Quick approval process is the key advantage of this instant business loans - a paperless procedure wherein you have to provide scanned copies of the required documents. If your profile meets our company’s eligibility criteria, the loan application is approved, and the amount is sanctioned immediately.

Benefits of taking an instant business loan with us

  • • How can one apply for Instant business Loan?
  • • we offer the comfort and convenience of applying for an unsecured business loan from anywhere. You need not visit our office or meet any officer; just a few clicks and uploads from your smartphone or laptop is all that you need to apply for this loan. Moreover, you will regularly receive updates regarding the status of the application through SMS or Emails and through our loan application tracker you can stay updated on the status of your loan application.
  • • How long does it take to disburse the Loan?
  • • We follow complete transparency in our operations. Every bit of information provided by you is digitally scanned and verified through multiple credible sources. This helps us in taking a quick and informed decision about the sanctioning the required amount.
  • • For what purposes can Instant Loans be availed?
  • • We offer a wide variety of business loans for different business requirements. These are specially designed for small businesses. You can avail options like unsecured business loans, capital finance loans, term loans, working capital loans, machinery loans and host of other customized loan options suited to your business.
  • • What is the Tenure of the Loan?
  • • You can avail a maximum repayment tenor of up to 24 months in which you have to pay off the amount through easy Equated Monthly Instalments (EMIs). There is no need to make any lump-sum payments. An extended number of EMIs reduce the burden of loan repayment, making the loan more affordable for you.
  • • Are there any Pre-Payment charges?

We offer the flexibility to repay the entire outstanding amount before the completion of the tenure, that too without incurring any foreclosure charges towards full or partial closure. This help saves money on interest costs.

Who are eligible for this loan?

We offer Business Loans to following set of businesses:

1. Sole Proprietorship

2. Partnership Firm

3. Private Limited Companies

4. Public Limited companies

• The business should be in operation for more than two years, at least.

• The business should have a minimum turnover of more than Rs. 4 lakhs in the previous financial year, though this criterion differs from bank to bank.